HP CEO hides from Oracle

HP’s new CEO is apparently hiding from Oracle’s private dicks deep in the heart of Texas.

Leo Apotheker is on the lamb after Oracle’s Larry Ellison’s bounty hunters tried to drag him into court to testify in a potentially embarrassing case against SAP.

Apotheker was supposed to start work last week, but apparently if he enters California he will be pounced on by Ellison’s team.

According to media reports he was spotted by HP staff in Texas. After all it is traditional for Americans on the run to hide from the bounty hunters in some deserted box canon. It gives you time to practise your guitar and harmonica skills.

He has also been spotted in Massachusetts but that could have just been Elvis.

What appears to have happened is that HP has told its CEO to make a royal tour of the company’s world wide operations. This means he does not have to show up at Head Office until the SAP trial is well and truly over.

This could take some time as HP is a huge company and it will give employees the chance to have a word with Apotheker.

The fact that it keeps him from having to go to court to tell the world how SAP nicked millions of dollars of software from Oracle while he was CEO of the company is a bonus.