HP buys insecurity outfit

The PC maker, whose idea of security was going though reporters’ rubbish bins, HP, has decided to buy an insecurity outfit of its own to play with.

Following hard on the heels of Intel, which bought McAfee recently, it seems HP wants to jump on the bandwagon. Sources have been telling the New York Times that the outfit is close to a deal to buy ArcSight for about $1.5 billion.

Apparently the price tag is nearly 25 percent more than the company is actually worth.

The Times claims that the buyout indicates that it is back to business as usual after the ouster of its CEO Mark Hurd for fidding his expenses.

The deal comes two weeks after HP defeated Dell in a heated bidding war for 3Par, a data storage company. HP wrote a cheque for $2 billion for 3Par.

Buying ArcSight would help push HP’s security and network products. ArcSight is famous for providing software that enables businesses to monitor their data networks for suspicious activity.

This means that HP could offer a product that can tell if your CEO is looking up soft porn stars on his office computer before taking them out to lunch with his body guard. We can see how that would be useful.