HP buys automation firm Stratavia

HP has today announced the acquisition of Stratavia, a database and application automation company.

The Denver-based company, established in 2001 and formerly known as ExtraQuest, will join HP’s Software and Solutions sector, adding to existing database and management products, such as its Business Service Automation portfolio. HP has also revealed its intention to add some of Stratavia’s products and expertise to HP’s Cloud Service Automation range.

HP believes that the addition of Stratavia to its portfolio will offer its clients a “comprehensive application automation solution,” whatever on Earth that means. It claims buying Stratavia will bridge the gap between application development and operational teams. This should include all aspects of an application’s life cycle, right from the design stages to actual production and subsequent management.

Bill Veghte, executive vice president of Software and Solutions at HP, said that the growing complexity of IT environments means that more automation of application changes and updates are needed, which is why Stratavia was an appealing company for HP to acquire.

Stratavia also holds two patents in database and generic data centre automation, which HP clearly had its eyes on. 

Financial terms of the acquisition were not revealed.