HP boss doubles as dinner chair at Romney fundraiser

Unsuccessful almost governor and ex eBay boss Meg Whitman yesterday took time off from selling TouchPads on eBay to have a fancy dinner with Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

Romney and Whitman are old buddies. They worked together for a time and Romney also pushed Whitman to take her job at the helm of HP, an “American icon” he said, according to BusinessWeek.

This event was open to all as long as they had $1,000 to give to the Republicans – and it was only $25,000 for the best seats in the house.

The best seats in the house included Whitman – she attended with husband Griff Harsh, and they both doubled up as ‘dinner chairs’ – which suggests to us the Republicans are more cash strapped than they’d like to admit. We guess they could only afford the tables. The list of last night’s other dinner chairs is available on the invite, here.

Larry Ellison was not available for comment.