HP beguiles students with cloud computing uni course

Old professor HP has set up a university course which is up there with the more snooze-inducing subjects around.

While few university courses are three years of pure enjoyment, it seems that the course at De Montfort University in Leicester is perhaps more, shall we say, interesting than most. 

Instead of spending nine grand on some of the more Mickey Mouse subjects around, HP is  enticing students with four years of cloud computing and virtualisation.

Granted they may well get a job out of it, but our nineteen year old selves may have been more inclined to choose a degree such as majoring in winemaking, or as one course was once described, “outdoor adventure with philosophy”.  Or perhaps “equestrian psychology”.

But even with the likelihood of a year’s interning at HP, we reckon that the chances of staying awake during a lengthy virtualisation seminar following a seven hour beer and traffic cone binge are slim.

Despite its best efforts HP and the rest of the industry have thus far not managed to make cloud computing resonate as anything other than plain old storage, despite their attempts to jazz it up with various buzz words. 

But HP reckons that the BSc course will develop skills that are not accessible on other courses and is confident that plenty will jump at the chance to grab one of 50 to 70 places when the course starts next year.

According to Computing the course has received the backing of universities minister David Willets, and reckons that it is a good example of firms working with universities to help drive innovation and growth.