HP and Oracle shout at each other some more

Oracle continues its fight with HP

HP was furious when Oracle snapped up Mark Hurd, the wining and dining ex-CEO, meanwhile Oracle claims to be just as furious claiming in a filing today that HP’s hiding its plans for Apotheker was “deliberate and active concealment” of material facts. Or so says the Wall Street Journal.

The whole thing has been going on for months now, with a lot of legal footwork and name-calling on both sides. Oracle has been publicly publishing statements accusing HP of slowing down Itanium’s death, following on from when Oracle ditched it earlier this year. HP was angry at that and sued. Since, it’s been tit for tat.

This latest argument from HP is that the Itanium support agreement was in ink when Hurd found himself at Oracle. Oracle meanwhile feels that is the last thing it wants.  It claims there was nothing in the Hurd settlement about Itanium. 

Both are trying to either prove or disprove the value of Intel’s Itanium but really it is about a feud with each other. Both are accusing each other of trying to screw joint customers. HP told the WSJ: “Rather than focusing on what is right for our joint customers, Oracle is relying on invented excuses to cover up its blatant disregard for its legal obligations.” It wants to enforce “Oracle’s commitments to HP and our shared customers and will continue to take actions to protect its customers’ best interests.”