How many screens do you have?

I was in lovely San Jose a few months ago, and a charming chap saw that I had a notebook, a Samsung Galaxy SII and an Apple iPad to boot.

He asked me a question which caused me to ponder:  “How many screens do you have, Mike?”

It wasn’t until I got back to Oxford until I was able to tally the total.

Right here, in my “study”, I can count five, if I clued the LCD telly. In my “bedroom” I have two. Downstairs I have three. That makes a total of 10 and I am not counting the defunct phones in my drawers. If I counted them, I’d have 15 screens – hence your Mageek is in his own way bolstering the cartel rich LCD companies as if there was no tomorrow.

Now, one of my friends said: “Mike, have you written about Coltan yet?”  Coltan is an ore that is vital to electronic devices and some say that it has sparked all these atrocities happening in the Congo – a claim that has validity.

At the White Bull conference, recently held in Barcelona, an impassioned Sean Carasso reckoned that the world’s media isn’t writing about Coltan because there are way too many entrenched multinational interests to consider.

Indeed, in his speech at White Bull, Sean didn’t mention Coltan directly, but we saw it on one of the slides he flashed up. God bless an independent press!