Hon Hai was top dog in March

China Economic News has given a run down of revenues of Taiwan’s electronics manufacturers. Hon Hai lead the pack in March, with revenues of $4.96 billion fuelled by the Apple iPad. Building the iPad translated to 52.28 percent growth in March, compared to last year.

Compal Electronics however grew even stronger than Hon Hai. The company, which builds notebooks to order, saw its revenues spike by 75 percent year over year and hit the $2.46 billion mark this March. Compal apparently shipped 4.25 million notebooks, bringing its total shipments in the first three months to 12.5 million notebooks. 

Competitor Quanta shipped 4.1 million notebooks in March and 11 million in the first quarter. Shipments are presumed to increase, Quanta is expected to grow 5% to 10% in the second quarter.

Asustek’s revenue hit the $1 billion mark, 56 percent more than in February. Asustek has so far built and delivered four milllion notebooks and Eee PCs in the current year.