Hewlett Packard's founder's son lays into Carly Fiorina

The former CEO of HP, Carly Fiorina, is making a bid to enter politics and that’s provoked an extraordinary outburst from the son of Dave Packard. Dave Packard, with Bill Hewlett, were  the co-founders of the company.

In an opinion piece filed on Mercurynews.com, David W. Packard refuted the idea, put forward by former Intel CEO Craig Barrett, that both the co-founders of HP would support Carly in her political ambitions.

HP, said Packard, had a culture admired worldwide and both his father and Hewlett maintained the last thing they wanted was a company based on hire and fire principles.

But, continues David Packard, HP’s merger with Compaq was undertakenso that 15,000 jobs would be cut.

Fiorina, he said, had a personal ambition to be the most powerful woman in the US business. But what HP wanted someone to train it and “did not need a chain saw”.

Fiorina caused “devastation” at HP and current CEO Mark Hurd has done a “remarkable job reviving the patient”.

The complete piece is here.