Heretic leaves Apple Walled Garden

After two years of struggle, the bloke who tried to form a union in Apple has decided to leave the outfit.

Kerubs with flaming swords will be placed on the doors to make sure no-one with ideas like Cory Moll ever get in again.

According to Cnet, Cory Moll has been with Apple since 2007 and founded the Apple Retail Workers Union.  Needless to say, Apple did its best to crush such original thinking.

Writing on Twitter he said that he wanted to explore the world.

He said that today will be his last day where he will be clapped out by staff. It is an Apple tradition to give long serving staff members the clap when they leave.

Apple staffers also give early morning customers the clap when they make their way into stores during product launches.

Needless to say – but we’ll say it anyway – Apple’s Messiah Steve Jobs hated the idea of unions. After all that meant that people were going to collectively stand up to him and might not do what he told them.

Moll had some funny ideas too. He wanted to improve conditions for employees at Apple’s retail stores. That included higher pay, more opportunities for promotion, and improvements to scheduling of hours.

Jobs believed that staff looked on their job as a religious duty and that they should consider themselves to be lucky,  handling holy items and selling them to his followers.

Moll was reported that in the two years he had spent trying to establish his union some of those objectives – including better pay for employees have been addressed. But he said that there needed to be advancements certain areas like inside hiring for staff, flexibility and guarantees for working hours.

Some stores in Germany and France have formed unions, or have become a part of local unions in order to negotiate changes. However there is no one replacing Moll in the US.