Hector Ruiz enters the dynamic, exciting world of consultancy

Ex AMD CEO Hecto Ruiz is starting his own consultancy business.

Hector Ruiz, who was once the bigwig at the chip company, has set up Bull Ventures. According to Bloomberg, he hopes to make the business succeed by boasting, sorry drawing from experiences with his strategy and transaction work at various companies.

He masterminded the AMD GloFo spin-off.

Ruiz ruizn’t going it alone with another former AMD member, Bharath Rangarajan, also joining the ranks of the consultancy.

Mr Ruiz, an engineer by nature, has a CV that spans more than three pages and not all of it is good.

Ruiz began his career at Texas Instruments where he worked in research before jumping over to Motorola.

He stayed with the company for 20 years, working his way up from running a chip manufacturing unit in Scotland to top dog looking after the company’s worldwide semiconductor operations. Eventually Ruiz became President of Motorola’s Semiconductor Products Sector.

In 2000 he decided that it was time to move to pastures new, so he jumped over to AMD where he joined as president and chief operating officer. By 2002 he had become CEO. 

He resigned in November 2009 as chairman of Globalfoundries, the chip manufacturer created from the spinoff of AMD factories.

And then it all went a bit wrong. In 2010 Mr Ruiz was cited as one of the sources of information in the Raj Rajaratnam vs the US case.

It was claimed at the time that he had been one of the people who gave the ex Galleon Group founder information about AMD, which was then used for the long-running insider trading scandal.

That has been somewhat brushed under the carpet with this new venture. The spin on Bull is that it will help companies grow and work with “industry changing strategies.”