Heads roll as Microsoft gets Skype all-clear

Skype is booting a number of its top level execs ahead of its deal with Microsoft.

VPs David Gurle, Christopher Dean, Russ Shaw and Don Albert were told to sling their collective hook in a behind-closed-doors move.

Also part of the cull are Chief Marketing Officer Doug Bewsher and head of HR Anne Gillespie.

And the list doesn’t stop there, with executives from the purchase of Qik also told to clear their desks.

So Skype HQ is now presumably staffed by two tealadies, a work experience boy and CEO Tony Bates.

The reason for the rather extensive restructuring?  Well, it seems that it’s largely due to a stackload of cash that Skype will save by getting rid of employees before the Microsoft deal goes ahead.

Sources close to Bloomberg have said that Skype is aware that the value of employees payout will be worth a lot less than if they were around when the $8.5 billion deal clears. Compensation is often tied to the purchase price.

A Skype spokesperson said that as part of a “recent internal shift” the firm has “made some management changes”.

The deal itself is ready to go ahead after having the once over from the US Federal Trade Commission.

Large acquisitions are subject to a US government review, with the Department of Justice also getting a look in.

However, it seems that the takeover, which will see Microsoft add Skype support for the Xbox and Kinect devices and Windows Phone system, has been given the all clear.

So Microsoft will only have to go through one antitrust regulator – meaning the process can be hurried along.