Has Larry Ellison been body snatched?

It is starting to look like the abrasive CEO of Oracle Larry Ellison has been bodysnatched and replaced by someone who wants to make friends with everyone.

While we knew he had buried the hatchet with long term enemy Salesforce, and signed a friendship agreement with Microsoft, the comments he has been making about CEO Marc Benioff indicate a dramatic shift in personality.

According to USA Today, the depths of the change were obvious in a conference call the pair made to outline their new pact. They seemed to be like a couple of love-sick teens talking about each other in terms which could be dangerous for our diabetic readers.

Ellison remembered the days before he called Salesforce a cockroach hotel when the pair worked together in perfect harmony.

As Benioff waxed on the praise in the conference call, he said: “the pre-integration of the application layer, the continuous improvement, the security and performance and the economy at the infrastructure level, are not going to come from a customer-supplier relationship but from a partnership relationship and that is what is very important to Oracle”.

While most of the world would not have a clue what he was saying, you could tell that love was in the air.

This is a far cry from Ellison slaming Salesforce.com, for using the “wrong” cloud model – unlike Oracle’s, Ellison dubbed Salesforce.com’s multi-tenancy architecture 15 years out of date, saying it has a “horrible” security model.

Now it seems that Ellison is looking forward to working with Salesforce for years to come.

Benioff said that this is “a new world, this is a new time”. The couple were in the “third wave of computing and companies like Salesforce and Oracle working together is evidence that that’s how it has to be in this new world because the value that can get creative is just going to be epic”.

Ellison watchers are not sure what to make of the superfriendly new rolemodel. We know that he has bought an Island near Hawaii so maybe the sea air is agreeing with him.