Guinness World Records buys

Bragster was bought by Guinness World Records today – the organisation announced it wouldn’t change the site in any way until the second half of this year., created by Wim Vernaeve and Betrand Bodson in 2006 is a site that lets people upload videos of dares and bragging feats. Current dates include “I dare everyone to eat a whole jar of mustard” and “I dare everyone to do as many spins in an office chair as possible in one minute”. Wim, pictured here, was an investment banker at Morgan Stanley, while Bertrand has a a Harvard MBA. Wim looks like the investment banker stuff has got to him a bit.

People do the stuff on the bragster site, like daring to eat five raw eggs and such.

GWR said that has an online community of 70,000 content generators, and is looking to improve its digital presence.

Alistair Richards, MD of Guinness World Records, said that it is expansing its own digital offering and will launch a “social media” version during the first half of this year.

Currently, GWR claims 11 million visitors a year and 1,000 applications per week for its own site.

No financial details of the acquisition were revealed.