Groupon expands into Asia with website buys

With speculation still rampant that Google is getting ready to close a deal to buy Groupon for upwards of $6 billion, the coupon website has made the matter much more complicated by buying several Asian websites.

The websites are uBuyiBuy, which caters for a number of Asian countries, Singapore-based Beeconomic, and Taiwan-based Atlaspost, all of which offer similar coupon and offers services.

These websites will become part of Groupon’s brand, which means they will be restructured and renamed. This will see the launch of Groupon Hong Kong, Groupon Singapore, Groupon Philippines and Groupon Taiwan.

It was not revealed how much Groupon spent on these websites, but with the company becoming bigger by the day it may be seeking more money from Google if an acquisition is to take place.

The expansion into Asia follows the launch of Groupon Japan in August of this year. It is unclear if Groupon had its eyes on the Asian websites before the Google offer arose or if it is a last-ditch attempt to expand the company to secure a better deal.