Greenpeace slags off Apple again

Environmental watchdog Greenpeace has rounded on the fruity cargo-cult Apple for relying on dirty energy.

The relationship between Greenpeace and Jobs’ Mob has always been an off-again on-again thing. In the past Greenpeace has slagged it off for using environmentally unfriendly hardware.

Now it claims that Jobs’ Mob uses  “dirty” energy for its $1 billion data centre in Maiden.

In the new report, Greenpeace rated Apple as having the lowest Clean Energy Index and the highest Coal Intensity among tech giants.

Apple also received a ‘C’ for Transparency, an ‘F’ for Instrastructure Siting and a ‘C’ for Mitigation Strategy on the environmental group’s “Clean Cloud Power Report Card.”

Apple, Facebook and Google, were slammed for contributing to a “dirty data triangle” in North Carolina, where substantial tax incentives from the state have attracted billions of dollars in data centre investments from tech companies.

“Apple’s decision to locate its iDataCenter in North Carolina, which has an electrical grid among the dirtiest in the country (61% coal, 31% nuclear45), indicates a lack of a corporate commitment to clean energy supply for its cloud operations,” the report said.

Apple’s $1 billion, 500,000 square-foot facility will require 100MW of electricity at full capacity, which could as much as triple the company’s energy usage.

Greenpeace may have jumped the gun on this one as the centre has not even opened yet.  

It was supposed to be online last year but was delayed to re-open in Spring.