Graphics guru turns to social not-working

Things must be looking a bit dire in the discrete graphics market, because even graphics guru Jon Peddie seems to be turning to social not-working to pay the rent.

Releasing a report entitled “The Social Web and its Implications,” Peddie peddles his ponderings on online media as an “attention economy,” whilst deploring the utter lack of web user attention.

Yes, yes, we know, Mr. Peddie, in your day, youth used to sit down and read whole books while working a vegetable stall and showing respect to their elders – nowadays they just poke each other, fertilize virtual fields and bump each other off on Mafia Wars. It has all gone so badly wrong.

Even disease isn’t what it used to be, complains Peddie, noting that “the word “viral” hardly existed in our vocabulary before social media… Now it’s in constant use without the slightest reference to illness.”

Even Google, Peddie laments, has come under threat from that young whipper snapper of an upstart, Facebook, with its 300M+ user base tantalizingly outside of the search engine’s clutches.

And for those who foolishly believe all this shallow status updating and narcissistic nonsense is just a phase, be warned, says Peddie, for “the Social Web is not just a fad; it is a fundamental shift in how humans communicate, interact, collaborate, create, inform themselves, prioritise, organise, buy, sell, and play.”

“It is your customers, your friends, your family, your employees, your constituents, your shareholders, and, like it or not, you.”

Indeed, Peddie even goes as far as predicting that “social media is to the Web what electric motors were to electricity, the quantum leap in utility that took a magical new technology and transformed society.”

Of course, if you’re interested to know more of Peddie’s predictions and insights on the subject, you’ll have to shell out the princely sum of $500.

Or just send Peddie the equivalent in virtual cows, sheep, and fertiliser on Farmville.