Gordon Brown rejected Steve Jobs for a knighthood

Although cultish Apple fanboys see Steve Jobs as some kind of balding Messiah, Gordon Brown wouldn’t give him the time of day to lead over his followers as a “sir”.

According to sources close to Labour, the ex PM allegedly decided that Mr Jobs wasn’t worthy of the knighthood because – wait for it – he turned down an opportunity to speak at a Labour Party conference.

The Daily Telegraph claims that Jobs got to the final stages of the knighthood selection process for his “services to technology”. However Gordo’s sour grapes meant that the bid was blocked by Downing Street.

The former MP, who left Parliament at the last election,  baffled the sane by telling the Telegraph: “Apple has been the only major global company to create stunning consumer products because it has always taken design as the key component of everything it has produced.

“No other CEO has consistently shown such a commitment.”