Google's Q2 results uplift the shareholders' dreams

Google has reached record revenue for the second quarter in its fiscal year of just above $9 billion, up 32 percent from last year. 

Its total revenue was up $9.03 billion in the second quarter for 2011, or 32 percent over the $6.82 billion for the same time last year. Its own websites made up a substantial chunk of the money at $6.23 billion, representing 69 percent of all revenue earned, a 39 percent increase compared to $4.50 billion for the same quarter in the previous year. 

So-called partners featuring Google’s AdSense brought up $2.48 billion for the second quarter, up from Q2 2010’s $2.06 billion. Google claims its aggregate paid clicks increased by 18 percent over the same time last year, but are down slightly by two percent from the first quarter of 2011. Its cost-per-clickincreased by 12 percent year on year, and enjoyed a six percent boost since the start of 2011.

Traffic acquisition costs, or what Google must fork out to AdSense partners, totaled $1.75 billion for the second quarter of 2011, up from $1.73 billion last year.

Over half of ‘Ogle’s revenues where from outside the US, something it will be keen to highlight in its foreign investments pand management programs. Non-US revenue made up 54 percent of all revenues, managing $4.87 billion. 

It says other cost of revenues mainly lied in looking after data centres, acquisition costs and credit card processing. This increased to $1.06 billion or 12 percent of revenues. Same time last year it was $735 million, or 11 percent of revenues. Operating expenses came in at $2.97 billion. 

Altogether Google is still head-hunting, employing 28,768 full-timers at 30 June, 2011 – compared to 26,316 from 31 March.

Cynics won’t be surprised to find Google’s revenue is mostly bolstered by its own products and services. There’s two factors: one is the duh factor. Secondly, the FTC really is getting quite cross with Larry Page’s troublesome overlords and there are antitrust allegations all around. Fortunately it has lobbyists in their legion to make sure no one steps on its vast-reaching toes.