Google's Motorola purchase gets US journos' knickers in twist

It is silly season, and hot, and rather than have a lie down the US tech press has got its knickers in a twist about Google’s Motorola buy.

The latest thing to come hot off the presses is that the acquisition of Motorola’s Mobility for $12.5 billion will kill off Android.

Now from what we can tell, Google bought Motorola to gain access to its portfolio of over 17,000 patents worldwide, with another 7,500 in the works. This will give it the ammunition to see off Microsoft, Apple, Sony Ericsson, and others over the Novell and Nortel patents.

But the US press is making the point that Google also becomes a hardware vendor for its own operating system and that changes everything.

Google co-founder Larry Page has written in his bog that he will run Motorola as a separate business, but there are those who think it is impossible.

Three of the the smartphone operating systems out there are wholly controlled by a single vendor. Vole and Google do not.

With Google becoming Motorola, its hardware partners suddenly find themselves in competition and they might not be so keen to stay using the operating system. After all Android has enough problems with Apple and Microsoft suing it for trademark infringement.

Hardware partners will never know if they are getting the same Android service that Motorola gets. Will the get all the same OS updates or will Google give itself special favours?

Punters looking for Android phones might only buy Motorola because they are the only real devices out there and the others are knock offs.

By buying up Motorola Mobility, Google can kill off all the problems related to Android in the same way that Apple, Research in Motion, and HP have. It just leaves all their licensees in the lurch.

Word on the street is that HTC, Samsung, and LG will step up their Windows Phone 7 ranges. Which is possible.

But will it mean the death of Android? The fact is that Android showed that more open sauce software could give proprietary software a good kicking. It is also cheaper than anything that might come out of Vole or Apple.

What is more likely is that if the licensees feel that Google is not servicing them properly they will fork the Operation System off for themselves.