Google's Android creeps toward iOS as mobile web king

In the States Google’s Android is creeping up to knock Apple’s iOS off its perch at the top as the most used channel for mobile web consumption, according to a study by Quantcast. 

The survey follows usage through from May 2009 to August this year – Apple is top dog with just over half of the market share, 56 percent, while Android has creeped up to 25 percent. This is sure to get Android fanboys shouting from the rooftops about the superiority of the browser as is the case with every set’s brand war. Android had under 10 percent of the share when the stats began but really started to pick up around November 2009.

Before fanboys get too excited, it’s worth taking a step back and looking at the big picture. Yes – Android may well be the most used OS in no time at all with the emergence of iPad contenders and the smartphone trend which is just going to carry on and on. But the reason for this is Google’s stance on an open platform.

Making the OS available to pretty much anyone who’s got a hankering for it means that by sheer volume alone it’s inevitable Android is going to flood the market. It’s a good thing – Android is a great OS and most would agree, particularly developers who like having the freedom to actually, er, develop.

But these figures mean that Google’s strategy to make it open for anyone are paying off. It’s not the death of the iPhone or iOS, it’s the result of Google opening the floodgates and cramming everyone it can in to a very large room.