Google will steal your pictures

Your smiling mug could be used by Google to advertise products under a change of the company’s terms of service.

Under the cunning plan, Google will be allowed to use your photograph and name to advertise anything from cars, to anal cream and you will not get a cent.

According to the New York Times, Google is introducing an update to its terms of service that will classify users’ comments, follows, shares, and other social activity as “shared endorsements” for its own products and services.

Shared endorsements can then be used as a premise for customers’ names and profile photos to appear in ads for the company, though it’s so far unclear what those ads will look like.

Apparently, the changes will only apply to adults over the age of 18. There is an opt-out clause and users who previously chose not to share +1s with friends.

The updated terms of service will go into effect on November 11, and the company has begun rolling out ads to its homepage in a bid to inform all users before then.

Facebook already runs similar endorsement ads. Last week it changed its search settings to make it harder for users to hide from other people trying to find them on the social networks.