Google will double engineering staff in India

Google has said that it wants to double its engineering staff in India in the next couple of years.

According to Peeyush Ranjan, managing director (R&D) at Google India, the company’s main motive is to strengthen its enterprise cloud computing offerings.

And it’s so focused on this industry that it’s building a new research and engineering centre, based in Hyderabad, that will concentrate on cloud computing and develop applications for Google clients worldwide. It will need to double its headcount in the coming days to meet its requirements.

“Our plan is to make Hyderabad as a centre of excellence for cloud computing. We are optimistic about the growth of cloud activities in the country and we would be hiring more to serve our clientele who are seeing a fundamental shift towards cloud for new businesses,” Ranjan told the Indian press.

The recruitment initiative is said to make Hyderabad the largest cloud computing site for Google.

“We will hire hundreds of engineers. They will be generalists, not specialists as it will suit our requirement,” Ranjan said.

He added that the centre would play a significant role in the development of cloud-based technologies.

It is no surprise that Google is ploughing more money into cloud to keep ahead of the game. It  faces competition from Microsoft, which announced last month that cloud products will dominate its portfolio, including cloud based  apps, which so far Google has had the lead on.

In October Microsoft announced that it would add Office Web Apps to its collection of hosted software, which it rebranded as Office 365.