Google unleashes army of lobbyists

Terrified of having a Microsoft done to it, search outfit Google has hired 12 lobbying firms to try and stop it being labelled a monopolist.

Google faces the same sort of broad antitrust probe into its business practices which scuppered and nearly divided Microsoft.

The Federal Trade Commission wants to look into complaints that Google’s search results favor the company’s other services.

According to Reuters, the 12 newly hired lobbying companies are Akin, Gump; Bingham; Capitol Legislative Strategies; Chesapeake Group; Crossroad Strategies; Gephardt Group; Holland & Knight; Normandy Group; Prime Policy; The First Group; The Madison Group; and The Raben Group.

Google said that it had a “strong story” to tell about its business and it wanted the best talent to tell it.

If you think that 12 lobby outfits is over egging the pudding, it seems that this is on top of six other lobbying firms which it has already hired. These include Crowell Strategies, Dutko Worldwide, Franklin Square Group, McBee Strategic Consulting, Podesta Group, and RB Murphy & Associates.

All these firms will be working on the FTC investigation, as well as on several other things that Google wants Washington to know about. Things like copyright, taxes, cybersecurity, privacy and patent reform.

However AP pointed out that it is unlikely that hiring a personal army will do much to affect the FTC’s investigation. The FTC has a habit of ignoring lobby firms and political masters trying to influence its decisions on such things.