Google thumps Groggle

An Aussie web outfit has been forced to change its name after a six-month trademark battle with Google.

Cameron Collie, from Brisbane, created an outfit called Groggle, a location-based alcohol price comparison website service allowing consumers to search for the cheapest price on booze in their area.

He bought the Groggle domain names for each country and registered the business. Collie applied to register Groggle as a trademark. His site was already in the beta test phase and Collie, 37, was planning a formal launch within weeks of April this year, as well as an accompanying iPhone app.

But while the trademark application was accepted by IP Australia, Google’s lawyers sent Collie a cease and desist letter.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, for the last six months Collie has been in negotiations with Google and it wasn’t until late October that a settlement was reached.

Collie has been forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement with Google and couldn’t reveal whether money was involved in the settlement.

However he does seem to be happy with the outcome. He tweeted

“To celebrate the (ex)Groggle team will drink a bottle of Australia’s most expensive beer – Crown Ambassador”.

Collie’s co-founder Alec Doughty tweeted that he was “very pleasantly surprised by this pricey lager”. Collie said the service’s new name was Drinkle.