Google sued over Google Buzz

A man has started a legal action against Google for allegedly violating the Stored Coomunications Act (SCA) and the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (EPCA) and it’s all about Buzz.

An Andranik Souvalian started the class action in a Rhode Island district court, wanting damages to himself and as far as we can tell anyone else who wants to join in.

The suit alleges Google did not warn users that their private Gmail contacts would create lists of followers, publically viewable. Also, Google didn’t seek or receive permission to do that.

“Google, through its Buzz social networking tool, has unlawfully disclosed its customers’ private communications and records, including but not limited to, the automatic and unauthorized importing of its customers’ private email contacts onto the Buzz social network.”

The class action is open to anyone who uses Gmail. But, says the plaint: “The Class is so numerous and dispensed nationwide that joinder of all members is impracticable.”  The class numbers “are in the hundreds of thousands if not millions”.

Damages, injunctive relief and punitive damages are demanded, if the action turns out to be proved by a court.