Google sued for breach of copyright

Isys Technologies is suing Google claiming that the search engine is a copyright pirate.

Isys said that it has a trademark on the terms Chromebook and Chromebox, and Google should pay it large sums of money to go away.

The lawsuit was filed in the US District Court for the District of Utah in Salt Lake City, and is trying to get a temporary restraining order that prevents Google from marketing devices based on Chrome OS as ‘Chromebook’ and ‘Chromebox’ and from launching them on June 15.

This injunction, of course, will put pressure on Google to write a large cheque to make Isys go away or lose a lot of money in the process.

Isys has also named Amazon, Acer, Samsung and BestBuy, which are Google’s partners, in the lawsuit. It claims that for some reason, Google wasn’t ready to reason with them about its trademark and actually disputed that Isys owned them.

Isys CEO Jason Sullivan told IB Times that for more than 18 months, it had been using, marketing, promoting and selling ChromiumPC Modular Computers.

Sullivan’s company Xi3 makes a very nice bit of gear  which is designed to work with the Google Cloud. It seems that Sullivan’s other outfit polices patents and trademarks his outfit owns.

Sullivan was marketing his gadget as “a new small form factor desktop PC that is designed to run Google’s Chrome OS”. However we were unable to find a reference to the product on Google before May 2011.

It is a bit of a shame really as the xi3 was a pretty cool product. We guess there was more money to be made trying to wrist wrestle with Google lawyers.