Google splashes out on more patents

Despite moaning that Microsoft and Apple are turning the whole IT industry into a battle over patents, search engine Google has just written a cheque for some of Big Blue’s collection.

According to Bloomberg, Google has written a cheque for 1,023 patents from IBM.

According to paperwork from the US Patent and Trademark Office’s website,  Google bought the patents on 17 August.

Neither Google, nor Biggish Blue are commenting about the sale or how much it cost the search engine.

It is starting to looke like Google is stockpiling patents to counter a “hostile, organised campaign” by Jobs’ Mob and Vole. This is the second time that Google has bought patents from IBM. In July it bought 1,030 patents from Biggish Blue. If the deal with Motorola Holdings goes ahead, Google will obtain over 17,000 more.

Android handset makers HTC, Samsung Electronics and Motorola Mobility have each been targeted in lawsuits by Apple and Microsoft, and Motorola Mobility has swapped patent-infringement allegations.

Google transferred nine patents to HTC that it bought in the past years, from companies including the former Motorola and Openwave Systems. HTC used those patents last week in a new lawsuit in its patent battle with Apple.

Google can basically loan out its patents to its chums to help them out of any scrapes, perhaps on the condition it gives them back after it has seen off Apple or Microsoft.