Google posts strong Q2 earnings

Google has released its Q2 earnings and it has made a 24 percent improvement on the same quarter year-on-year, reporting revenues of $6.82 billion.

Sites Google runs generated revenue of $4.50 billion, making up 66 percent of the total revenue, a 23 percent increase on the same period last year where it reported $3.65 billion. Google Networks and partner revenues through AdSense made up 30 percent of total revenues, bringing in $2.06 billion, again up from the same time year-on-year which was $1.68 billion.

Revenues from outside of the United States hit $3.53 billion, representing 52 percent of all revenues in Q2 2010 compared to 53 percent for Q1 2010. While it’s dropped a vital percentage, Q1 international results saw $2.88 billion so it’s done well over the space of a quarter.

Paid aggregate clicks increased about 15 percent year on year, but decreased three percent from the first quarter of 2010. Cost-per-click increased about four percent year-on-year and two percent from the first quarter of 2010.

Eric Schmidt said in a statement on the Google investor relations page: “We saw strength in every major product area as more and more traditional brand advertisers embraced search advertising and as large advertisers increasingly ran integrated campaigns across search, display and mobile.

“We feel confident about our future and plan to continue to invest aggressively in our core areas of strategic focus.”