Google plans to kill off iPad

Search outfit Google seems jolly happy that Apple has released such a weak iPad.

Apparently it has something much better on the drawing board that will knock the socks off what Jobs’ Mob is planning.

Google has been showing off designs for a new tablet computer based on its Chrome operating system.

Google’s user interface designer, Glen Murphy, published mock-ups of a Google tablet on the website, along with a video.

Chrome OS is a little more meaty version of the Android platform for smartphones and does many thinks that the iPhone operating system in the iPad can’t manage.

Writing in his bog, Murphy published an image which shows a range of hand gestures that would be supported by the tablet.

Google would not say when or if it would start selling a tablet.

However it will join a long list of people queuing up to wipe the floor with Jobs’ Mob for releasing what was basically a netbook without a keyboard or an iPhone without a phone.

Dell released its Alienware M11x, which is an ultra-portable laptop with an 11-inch screen but includes a top-of-the-line graphics chip and processor. Dell described the machine as “the fastest sub-12 inch laptop in the universe”.

It is clear that Dell believed that Apple would go for a top end product with decent graphics rather than an over priced netbook with a chip inside it which has the same processing power as plankton.