Google pays still more to already fat cats

Search engine outfit Google hit the headlines last week with the news that it had given employees 10 percent pay hikes in a bid to keep them.

While someone was fired for releasing that information, it seems that what the press was not told was that managers got a lot more dosh.

Google has announced that the further up the food chain you go in the outfit, the more cash you got.

Some top executives got a 30 percent pay according to a regulatory filing. Google’s four top executives, the chief financial officer and the heads of sales, engineering and product management, will each see their pay jump to $650,000 next year, from $500,000 this year.

The four executives also got equity awards worth a total of $55 million this year.

A spokesGoogle said the company believes that “competitive compensation plans are important to the future of the company”.

Meanwhile the bloke who was fired from Google for leaking the information about the 10 percent hike, was apparently not fired for speaking to the press.

According to Cnet  he was fired because Google was worried that his fellow employees would be mugged on their way home from the Googleplex.

“The leaker directly disobeyed repeated and very explicit instructions from the top, not to leak this bonus news prematurely before evening when all workers were home safe,” Google said.

We guess it was about disobeying orders more than anything. Leaking information to the press is not a very good reason to fire someone in the litigious US where it could be contested under Freedom of Speech laws.