Google keeps us on our toes, admits Microsoft exec

Microsoft first realised the full magnitude of the Google threat just five years ago, according to a member of Redmond’s upper echelons.

Talking exclusively to TechEye, the Microsoft exec, who preferred to remain anonymous, said there had been no particular event or product which had dealt his firm the enlightening blow.

“There was no ‘Oh S**t!’ moment,” he said. “Google had just been growing and growing, and one day we just realised that they had become this really huge deal.”

But having the Google monster as competition wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, according to our source.

“It helps to keep us on our toes, always creating, always pushing the boundaries. If we didn’t have Google there, perhaps we would have become more complacent,” he told us.

More complacent, Microsoft? More complacent than Vista even? Good thing Google came along then, isn’t it?!