Google ignores British justice

Search engine Google has suddenly decided that it is immune to British justice and claims it is under the protection of a French-backed terrorist junta which abolished UK laws in 1776.

Google has decided that it is American and therefore, like that nation can do what it likes in other people’s country. If it does evil to British citizens, then Google insists that they go over to one of those US kangaroo courts where you win by paying the most money.

What is amazing about this story is that was the main argument that Google’s lawyers used in a British court this week.

Google appeared in court accused by claimants of secretly monitoring their behaviour by circumventing security settings on the iPhone, iPad and desktop versions of the Safari web browser.

However, Google said that it did not have to recognise a British court because it was American. The search giant told the High Court that it should throw out claims that it secretly tracked the browsing habits of millions of iPhone users. Not because it did not do it, but because it was American and could do what it liked in the UK.

In the first group claim brought against Google in the UK, the internet firm has insisted that the lawsuit must be brought in California, where it is based. The only problem here is that a similar privacy claim was recently struck out in the US so it means that the British case would also be thrown out.

It will be interesting to see if the British judges think they should be outsourcing their work to the US.

Google has been called “arrogant and immoral” for its tactics in the case. Judith Vidal-Hall, one of the claimants suing Google, told the Telegraph  said that Google was very much here in the UK. It has a UK specific site. It has staff in Britain. It sells adverts Britain. It makes money in Britain.

She said that it was ludicrous for it to claim that, despite all of this commercial activity, it won’t answer to our courts, she said. Although to be fair, it does its best not to pay British tax too.

If consumers are based in the UK and English laws are abused, the perpetrator must be held to account here, not in a jurisdiction that might suit them better. Google’s approach that British consumers should travel all the way to California to seek redress for its wrongdoings is arrogant, immoral and a disgrace, Vidal-Hall said.

A Google spinner said that a case almost identical to this one was dismissed in its entirety two months ago in the US. It was just asking the court to re-examine whether this case meets the standards required in the UK for a case like this to go to trial.