Google goes Waltzing Matilda

Search engine Google has found itself having trouble in the outback after the tax troopers one, two and three wanted to ask it about all that cash it had stored in its tucker bag.

According to the Age, everything was going fine for Google when it camped by a billabong, under the shade of a Coolibah tree. And it made a fair bit of dosh while waiting for his billy to boil.

Apparently he had a billion stored in his tucker bag but only paid $74,176 in Australian tax last year.

Opposition communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull called in the tax troopers One Two Three because he wanted to see the cash Google had stored in its tucker bag.

Turnbull wrote on his blog that he was very worried about a material erosion of the Aussie tax base which did not really scan and is not part of the original song as sung by Rolf Harris.

Turnbull also felt sorry for the Aussie media companies are losing revenue to competitors who, while delivering services directed at Australians and thoroughly ‘present’ in Australia, pay very little tax.

He called for Google to go beyond the pathetically defensive, ‘we comply with all relevant laws and regulations’ excuse and actually state why the troopers should be indifferent to Australia’s largest single advertising platform paying little or no tax.

Google said that it abided by relevant taxation laws and certainly was not squatting in the outback.

Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury has decided that transfer pricing legislation introduced this week to Parliament would “ensure that multi-national companies pay their fair share of tax” and would address multi-national companies shifting profits within their companies to avoid paying tax.

But the fear is that if Google gets miffed it will just leave the country and its ghost will be heard as you pass by the billabong of a Google who went Waltzing Matilda, you see?