Google goes on hiring spree

Search engine outfit Google is hiring 2,000 more workers around the globe.

The outfit said that it is increasing its workforce as it expands into new markets and battles for talent with other companies.

Hacks from Reuters counted 2,076 new positions up for grabs on Google’s website. This is a nearly six-fold increase from a similar tally of job listings page conducted in March 2009.

But this figure could be just the tip of the iceberg. Google has bought more than 20 companies this year and seen its numbers increase to 23,300 employees at the end of September, This is more than 18 percent since the beginning of the year.

Google Ogleman Jordan Newman told Reuters that the company has ramping up its hiring and the number of open jobs over the course of the last year,

Google has been branching out over the last couple of years, with new strings to its bow including its  Android smartphone software, online display advertising and cloud based operations.

It also has been boosting salaries in a bid to keep the staff it already has.

Google’s current job openings are primarily for engineers and sales staffers. Half of the vacancies are in the United States.

One large chunk of vacancies appears to come in the outfit’s legal department. Apparently the outfit wants to hire more than 50 lawyers.

There are 50 open positions in China, including an “Events Manager” tasked with raising “awareness and usage” of Google products in the country, as well as a half-dozen recruiters.