Google gives Adobe employees free Android phones

Adobe may have made an enemy out of Apple, but with all wars it’s good to gather allies and who better to get onside than tech giant Google.

The company has decided to bribe partner with Adobe and give many of its employees a free Android based mobile phone. But as with most things in life there’s a catch, as employees will be using these phones for research into how they can create the new 10.1 version of Flash for the OS.

To do this they will be looking for software bugs and coming up with some new ideas.

Technology wars are all very well and good but surely Google must be feeling slightly like second best. Had it not been for the Apple vs Adobe war, which stemmed from the fact that Apple refused to support Flash in its products, Google would never had stood a chance.

And it seems Adobe is just using Google as a means to virtually stick two fingers up at Apple

Or will Google get the upper hand? It’s buttering up Adobe now but will it ditch it for html5 in the future?

We called Adobe to ask it about accepting gifts from Google, however we are still awaiting comment.