Google doodles are sexist

An activist movement for girls and young women claims that Google Doodles are part of the US’s war on women.

SPARK has been adding up the numbers and dividing by its shoe size and reached the conclusion that there are too many blokes honoured in Google doodles.

Of the 445 people honoured by special Google logos between 2010 and 2013, more than 82.7 percent were men.

In case you did not know, or are a US Republican, half the population of the world are female.

Google has at least admitted that it is aware of the problem and claims to be doing something about it.

Ryan Germick, team lead for Google Doodles, told The Huffington Post that women have been underrepresented in history in almost all fields: science, school curricula, business, politics and Google Doodles.

He said that this year Google is hoping to have women and men equally represented, Germick added.

So far this year it had done doodles for as many women as men, a big shift from figures below 20 percent in past years.

It also looks like Google is a little racist too. According to SPARK, 73.9 percent of the Doodled were “unambiguously white”. Over the years, Google doodlers have been getting whiter and more male.

SPARK said that the unconscious sexism echoes Silicon Valley’s sexist culture. There is a lack of women in executive positions at tech companies.

When they do get to the top women are marginalised. Recently a tech incubator thought it was a wizard wheeze to throw a “Hackers and Hookers”-themed party and two entrepreneurs thought a “tit-staring” app would be something people wanted.

Last year Samsung decided it needed nearly naked women to sell fridges and washing machines.

Google has been praise for its otherwise progressive and even iconoclastic approach. Last year, Google honoured Cesar Chavez, instead of Jesus, on Easter Sunday. It was told off by the US right, who took time out of their busy schedule of trying to control women’s bodies and making the US a religious state similar to Saudi Arabia to comment about it.

During the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Google seemed to take a jab at Russia’s anti-gay legislation with rainbow-coloured doodles.