Google comes up trumps in most attractive place to work

Snooping search giant Google has come up trumps in a survey of “The World’s Most Attractive Employers 2010”.

In a survey of 130,000 career seekers, with a business or engineering background Universum  found Google still managed to keep the number one position, but warned that it faced growing competition from four auditing firms, KPMG, Ernst & Young, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Deloitte.

Universum said that this was because 2010 had been a good year for the auditing industry.  
“We’re witnessing the auditing firms and FMCG companies reconquering their talent group after a brief love-affair with the IT industry,” said Michal Kalinowski, Universum’s CEO.

In the engineering category  IT-sector companies are also doing well as the most attractive places to work with Google, Microsoft, and IBM-maintaining top positions from last year.

The company said the notable changes were Sony at number four andApple also came in as a new entry. We didn’t see any Foxconn entry.

German car manufacturer BMW is still the most powerful employer brand in the automotive industry, while in the top 10, where American corporations dominate, praise must also be given to Siemens for its 8th position.

Companies in the Banking and Investment industry, Management Consulting, and Oil and Gas, now encounter the problem of being perceived as less attractive employers.