Google claims it is worth £28bn to the UK

stalin-googleGoogle is putting the thumbscrews on the government by claiming it is worth between £11bn and £28bn to the UK economy.

The move is clearly to convince people that it should not really be forced to pay tax like ordinary people. If it paid tax, it would not be able to bolster the UK economy so much.

Accountancy firm Deloitte compiled the report, which is a little worrying given that the figures are so woolly. There is a big difference between £11bn and £28bn.

Google claims it has created at least 210,000 jobs and has been great for the UK economy.
Worlds like digital advertising and search engine optimisation may not have been there without

Google, the search giant claimed. Obviously if you have a search engine algorithm then you will create jobs for those people who will tell you how to get around it. But it is not exactly a huge industry and really should not be there in the first place.

The report states six key areas where Google claimed it has given the UK a competitive advantage:
• Google’s search and advertising products allow businesses to connect with consumers all over the world, stimulating export revenues
• Content creators can use Google’s content distribution services to reach larger audiences and make money online
• Brand advertisers, agencies and publishers make money through Google’s display advertising services
• Through Google’s Android platform, smartphone application developers connect to billions of consumers
• Businesses benefit from Google’s cloud-based office productivity suite, from Gmail to Google Docs
• Google’s digital initiatives help businesses, entrepreneurs and students to increase their digital literacy

According to Google, the positive impact of its business on the UK far outweighs the negative. The report breaks down the effect of each of its products on the UK economy. So please stop talking about it writing cheques for real money to help the government provide health, social services and education.