Google buys shedloads of Lenovo

Search engine Google appears to have a cunning plan in regards to the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo.

Lenovo has been hitting the headlines a lot lately by buying slices of companies that no one seems to want.

In fact some investors were concerned that Lenovo was buying too much, particularly when after it picked up Motorola from Google.

Now it seems that the relationship between Google and Lenovo is going a lot deeper than anyone expected.

According to a disclosure on the Hong Kong stock exchange Google bought a 5.94 percent stake in China’s Lenovo for $750 million.

This means that 618.3 million nice shiny Lenovo shares are in the paws of the US outfit.

Lenovo agreed to buy Google’s Motorola handset division last week for $2.91 billion in a cash and stock deal so Google probably picked up a few more shares there too.

Therefore, this leaves Google having a significant control over the largest hardware maker in the world. This will be especially significant if Lenovo manages to turn around many of the failing units it has bought from other people.

Google will not only have access to all the hardware it can eat, those shares and controls which are going for a song will be extremely valuable in a few years’ time.

The search engine will also have a close chum behind the bamboo curtain which means that it will have less problems with the Chinese authorities.