Google buys Quickoffice ahead of Microsoft Office mobile launch

Google announced Tuesday that it has struck a deal to acquire Quickoffice, one of the more popular productivity apps in the Android ecosystem. That’s really not saying much as most Android productivity apps are not up to scratch.

The details of the deal were not revealed, but Google used the opportunity to shower Quickoffice with praise, namely for its established track record and interoperability with popular file formats. By popular file formats Google is referring to Microsoft Office docs and a touch of Adobe.

Google does not have much time to open up the champers and celebrate. Microsoft is rumoured to be working on a mobile version of Microsoft Office for Android and iOS and it should launch by October or November if the rumour mill is to be believed.

There are still quite a few naysayers who believe Microsoft will not commit the ultimate act of heresy and offer up an Office version for Apple and Google platforms. Others insist that Microsoft will indeed launch Office for Android and iOS, but before it does it will try to keep it exclusive to Windows tablets, launching this year.

It does not seem that Microsoft has a choice. If it fails to make Office available on Android and iOS, users will slowly start to migrate toward competing cross-platform solutions.