Google buys Israeli security startup

Google might be considering improvements to its two-factor authentication.

The search engine outfit has just written a cheque to buy SlickLogin which was a company only founded a year ago.

SlickLogin developed a new smart identification Two-Factor Authentication which uses high frequency sounds as pass keys. The technology is expected to be put under the bonnet of Google’s latest user identification security parameters

It is not clear how much Google paid for the company. Suggestions are that it was several million. But that is not bad considering the age of SlickLogin. The outfit was founded under a year ago by Or Zelig, Eran Galili and Ori Kabeli. The company first unveiled its technology at TechCrunch Disrupt held last September. It has not launched its product nor have they any customers to date.

The idea behind SlickLogin is that passwords are not sufficient to keep users and their information safe.

SLickLogin’s idea consists of a cloud-based platform that uses two factors of identification without burdening the user with a process involving landing pages or actions other than typing a password.

Two-Factor Authentication already exists and is being applied in a number of areas but SlickLogin obviates the need for additional hardware by relying on user smartphones. It also does not require the user to receive a text message or move any given mobile device to their computer. Rather it performs the identification independently by playing an ultrasonic frequency from the mobile device.

The system on the computer or any other device analyses the frequency for identification and no other additional identification process is required. The process side just has the user typing their username and password, since the rest of the process is carried out automatically and transparently when the two devices are near each other.