Google buys company to spite Apple

Search engine giant Google bought a company called Remail yesterday and decided the first priority was to sever its ties with Apple.

There’s little love lost between Google and Apple these days – Remail was formed by an ex-Google employee, Gabor Cselle,  and its startup remit was to create an efficient email search for, yeah, the iPhone.

Gabor Cselle said he was going back to the Mountain View Googleplex and would become a product manager on the Gmail team.

The perfect email application isn’t even out yet.

Cselle said that Google and reMail have decided to discontinue its iPhone app and have gone and wiped it from the Apple App Store. But if you’ve already downloaded it, it will carry on working and reMail, rather stingily, said that it will provide support for the product until the end of March.

Someone who bought reMail said: “Google is pretty hellbent on destroying the experience as much as possible on the iPhone and that is why they bought your company, so they can remove your app and possibly incorporate it into the Droid phones. I loved reMail. Now I wish I had never bought it.”

Life is an eternal bitch down in Silicon Valley, it seems.