Google buys Aardvark: it's alphabet soup

Google Buzz is not very good nor secure, the consensus seems to be after friends fall out and mistresses meet wives.

But as Google – honi soit qui mal y pense – is not evil it’s decided to buy a company called Aardvark, so quite close to the beginning of the alphabet.

The Latin tag means “evil be to he who evil thinks”, and is allegedly based on a gentleman of the court not noticing that a woman was menstruating. That is the Garter. It was formed by an English king called Edward III and is a bit exclusive. It includes the king – or queen – and 25 knights and honours St George, patron saint of spiders and George Michael.

Here’s some product placement stuff. Ferrari, Hovis, Bisto, Marmite, The Goodies, the BBC. Courtesy of

What does Aardvark do? It is a social search engine and it’s rumoured that Google has paid $50 million in what clearly is an act of clear desperation.

Sources said that Google is desperately trying to catch up with the opposition which of course is not now Microsoft but is Facebook and Twitter.

Buzz was met with a deafening silence as people struggled to sign out, rather than sign in.