Google buys 3D desktop app

Google has bought BumpTop, a unique little application that simulates a 3D desktop and allows you to manipulate it in ways that would make your mother blush.

The program has been around for more than three years, but it was only last September that  multitouch support was added, placing it firmly on Google’s radar.

BumpTop’s aim is to “revolutionise the way people use computers.” Although vague, with the might of the search giant behind it this could potentially be achieved.

BumpTop’s founder Anand Agarawala demonstrated how the technology can be used here, showing off the ability to zoom in and out, shove your documents into a corner as you would in real life, and even crop photos and display them on your 3D walls.

It seems only a matter of time before this technology works its way onto the Android platform, allowing people to get even more greasy fingerprints all over their screens.

It’s not limited to smartphones either, says eWeek, as we could be seeing 3D desktop technology in any of Google’s products, including the rumoured Android tablet. Apple users may have to throw their iPads in the sanitary bin.