Google bashes on glass ceiling

vaulted-glass-ceiling-of-the-shopping-arcade-galleria-vittorio-emanuele-ii-sami-sarkisSearch engine Google said it is doing its best to fight against the idea of getting the right man for the job when it should really be a woman.

Google said 21 percent of tech hires last year were women, boosting overall number of women in technical roles by one percent, as part of efforts to increase diversity.

The company recently began disclosing the makeup of its workforce after admitting that it was “wrong, and that it’s time to be candid about the issues”.

The tech industry has problems in that it tends to hire only white men in its industry and lacks any sense of inclusiveness towards minorities.

Google said that the numbers of Black and Hispanic employees hired outpaced the company’s overall hiring growth, but made up for only two percent and three percent of total workforce, respectively.

Writing it in its bog, Google said that it had a long way to go, we’re seeing some early progress.