Google announces Google TV, music service and updated OS

Google has announced its long anticipated plans for coach potato entertainment.

At its developers conference in San Francisco the company released details of a range of entertainment plans which combine software and TV programmes through the net.

 Google TV was the search giant’s first new offering and is based on the Android platform. It’s essentially a TV and web based platform developed to help TV viewers search for features and navigate around a range of websites and TV programmes from the the comfort of their sofa wirelessly. Through this platform they will also be able to access Android Apps on their TVs.

Google will work together with Sony, Logitech and Intel, to create the ‘companion boxes’ and remote controls that will allow users to switch between the two at the flick of a switch. A special wireless keyboard will also be provided. Sony will also build the service into a Blu-Ray DVD player.

And it seems Google has a few more tricks up its sleeve. The software giant has also announced a new music streaming service following its recent purchase of music streaming company Simplify Media. During its developers conference  Google  outlined its plans to take on Apple’s dominance of the online and digital music industry, using Simplify’s tech to offer Android users the opportunity to buy music online and have it automatically synced and streamed to their mobile phone.

In addition to this, users will be able to access all the digital music that they own and store on their hard drives on their PCs at home

Another Android-based music streaming service called mSpot was also demonstrated at the event, which again synchronises the user’s personal music library to the cloud where the user can then access it using any Android mobile or any PC or Mac.

To add further insult to Apple’s injury Google also announced its new Android version. 2.2 will support flash OS as well as the ability to store apps to an SD card. It’s also said to make apps run faster as well as come with a 2-3x better javascript performance.