Google and Starbucks join forces

Friends of the UK taxpayer, Google and Starbucks have decided that they have more in common than an Irish tax-haven.

Starbucks has said it has partnered with Google that will allow it to offer its customers a super-fast method of shipping funds overseas a faster wi-fi service.

In August, Starbucks stores will start getting up to 10 times faster network and wi-fi speeds. And over the next 18 months, Starbucks will convert more than 7,000 US stores to the upgraded service.

It is not clear when they will ship the service to off-shore branches.

Starbucks and Google want to work together to co-develop the next generation of Starbucks’ digital network.

It is not clear what the deal is costing Google and Starbucks. No doubt someone will write it off somewhere.