Google and NetApp make top ten in best places to work

Google may be trying to take over the world, but as long as you’re on-side it is still a brilliant place to work.

That’s according to Fortune’s list of the Top 100 places to work, which ranked Google as number four. Fortune described the company’s workplace as having a “laundry list of perks” including free food at any of its cafeterias, a climbing wall, and free laundry. Not to mention armed Googlemobiles securing the fortresses.

Employees at the company were given a 10 percent pay hike this year. It also has a policy that allows Googlers to award one another $175 peer spot bonuses and last year year more than two-thirds of them did so.

Google, which didn’t move from last year was only beaten by defending champion SAS. The software company, which once again scooped the top position, held the spot for its
on-site health care and $410-a-month child care.

Data storage company NetApp also made it into the top ten, rising from number seven last year to number five. The company’s revenues jumped 33 percent from 2009 meaning it was able to hire “hundreds of new employees.” Hourly executive assistants are said to make $76,450 a year here, supplemented by a bonus of $21,917.

Employees are also being given little perks such as free fruit on Tuesdays, free bagels and cream cheese on Fridays, and free espresso all the time.

Coming in at number 20 was Cisco, which slipped from the 16th position last year. However, it still came in high thanks to the fact that it’s so flexible. 85 percent of employees regularly work from home or on the road but it’s the high pay and an array of perks that really landed the company in the top 20.

Although Qualcomm fell from 9 to 33 this year, it was still praised as a great place to work.
Fortune said in an apparent bid to displace Google as the most innovative feeder of employees, the wireless-technology leader imported a New York City chef to oversee its cafés which feature fresh foods sourced from local farmers and no canned foods.

It was also good news for Intel, which climbed up the ladder and ended up in position 51 from 98th last year. It was placed here as it is thought the company will create thousands of jobs in the next three years from more than $6 billion in new projects, including a fabrication plant in Oregon.

Another tech company that made the top 100 was Adobe, which gained position 65 for
being one of the biggest donors in Silicon Valley. According to the list, employee donations are matched dollar-for-dollar up to $5,000.

Bringing up the rear is Microsoft which fell to number 72 from its 51st position last year.
Here Ballmer’s bash street kids enjoy a range of legendary perks including dry cleaning, a Wi-Fi-enabled shuttle service and valet parking at some buildings.