Google and Microsoft go head-to-head in each other's key spaces

Microsoft and Google are going head-to-head, competing in each other’s most dominant spaces.

According to the Korea Joongang Daily, Google is giving Microsoft’s OS market some competition, while Mictosoft has decided it wants to be bigger than Google in the mobile OS market.

Google threw the first stone in the war, last year launching its Chromebook with its Chrome OS. Most recently it also launched a desktop with these browser and OS features.

Microsoft fought back, deciding to take Google head on in the mobile OS space by launching
Windows 8, which can also be used with mobile devices.

Due to be released in Korea later on this year, this OS is claimed by the company to be different to Windows 7, allowing users to access mobile apps, as well as work on Word and Excel on their mobile products.

Both, however, may have a fight on their hands if they hope to infiltrate each other’s main businesses. Google’s Android mobile OS has a huge global 59 percent market share, while Microsoft’s OS is present on 88 percent of the the PCs in the world.

Google’s Chrome browser share was 32.4 percent last month.